A New Hope by Vanessa Marquez

A sleep that has been awakened

A glimpse back and many steps to perfection

A new generation

Passionate in all we will become

As the seams have not yet been strained we pour out our

Creative, Dramatic, Whimsical selves.

We take a new direction

Reborn from the 80’s we cherish a new hope


A New Day by Alexi Tolosa





excerpt from Mystery by Mekalyn Steve

Mystery is the quiet, dark girl who doesn’t say much, but when she does it’s important and you listen.  Her words latch onto the beliefs you’ve embedded in stone and mold the un-moldable, opening your mind and inserting it with ideas and questions you have never before thought about.  And then she is quiet again, leaving you to ponder her words that never answer, only question.  That’s when the fear of the unknown sets in, and denial is sent to attack it.  At times, she is murderously evil, breaking you and your thoughts down until you are left trapped, wandering endlessly through your mind and pushed to insanity.  Other times, she is the essence of aesthetic beauty, bursting with color and light.  But she affects each person differently.