Editor in Chief:

Miriam Larson

Assistant Editor in Chief: 

Sophia Loughlin

Co-Managing Editor: 

Daniel Vargas

Co-Managing Editor: 

Sierra Payan

Tech Wizard: 

Tatum Martin: Hello, this is my second year in Banner Bold and I am extremely excited to be running Banner Bold as tech wizard and layouter for the publication, along with my editors. Having the theme Kaleidoscope for me means bringing in a lot of different perspectives, which is a main reason to write, to share your story and perspective.


Emily Lewandoski

Fiction Editors: 

Ian Ruiz: My name is Ian Ruiz and I am a junior. I’m a bit odd and I like weird things, so I judge fiction. To me, kaleidoscope means how something can be viewed several different ways but they are all pretty similar. If you have anything weird-ish, send it our way.

Daniel Vargas: Hello, my name is Daniel Vargas. I am a junior at Ventura High School and one of the few editors for fiction. Kaleidoscope is our theme for this year and to me it means to look at things with a different perspective. This year’s going to be legen-wait for it-dary.

Emily Lewandoski: Hi, my name is Emily Lewandoski, the Banner Bold publicist dor tis year and fiction editor. Kaleidoscope means to me a varied view of life and everything in it. I am a junior and I’m super excited for this year!

Ben Lillienfeld: Ben Lillienfeld here, fiction editor for Banner Bold, and a senior ready to do my best in the first time that I could have the pleasure in participating in this year’s Banner Bold. I hope that with our theme,we can all write in various styles, and adapting and changing views that are never the same for each reader.

Hannah Van Domelen: I am a junior and my job is to edit fiction pieces for Banner Bold. When I hear kaleidoscope, I think of someone who sees things differently from how others see things. Some people could see a picture and loath it, while others absolutely love it. Everyone is unique and different in their own ways.

Josh Finch: Hi, my name is Josh Finch and I’m a senior and a fiction editor. When I think of kaleidoscope, I think of many different colors and shapes coming together in an ethereal collage of simultaneous chaos and beauty.

Nonfiction Editors: 

David Roefer:

Terra Bransfield: I am a junior in my second year of Banner Bold. This year, my job is a nonfiction editor. For me, kaleidoscope means having many perspectives on a single thing. Everyone sees the world differently, though we all have the same world, and I think kalediscope sums that up pretty well in the world.

Alexandria Chrimes: Howdy, my name is Alexandira/Alexander Chrimes, and I’m a sophomore in Banner Bold. I’m a nonfiction editor and doodler for the class and I’m very excited for this year. Writing means a lot to me, and I hope to prove useful in the months to come.

Ruthie Lopez: Hi, my name is Ruthie Lopez. I am a ninth grader and this is my first year doing Banner Bold. I am excited to work in the nonfiction editing group in Banner Bold. I am excited to write about kaleidoscope and how it doesn’t just have one variety but many varieties of writing topics for everyone to chose and write about.

Nathan Rodriquez: My name is Nathan Rodriquez. I am in 11th grade and a nonfiction editor. I view kaleidoscope as a lot of different perspectives on something or different ways that something is viewed.

Poetry Editors: 

Brandon Kendlinger: Hi, my name’s Brandon Kendlinger and I’m a senior in Banner Bold. As an editor for poetry, I’m looking forward to all the poems I’ll be reading through this year. Our theme may seem like a complex concept, but actually it just allows to have an alternate view on our world.

Airam Moore: My name is Airam Moore and I am a senior and poetry editor for Banner Bold. To me, Kaleidoscope means how people view the world in so many different ways and in each of those ways lies beauty in many forms.

Hannah Teaby: Hi, my name is Hannah Teaby and I am a junior at Ventura High School. I am an editor for poetry in Banner Bold. To me, writing can be an escape from reality and a way to express my feelings for people without them knowing.

Maya Jacobs-Vargas: My name is Maya Jacobs-Vargas, and I am a poetry editor for 2016-17 Banner Bold. Our theme this year is Kaleidoscope. To me, Kaleidoscope means that there are infinite ways to look at something and infinite forms for everything.

Sarah Macias: Hello there. Sarah Macias here, a senior at Ventura High. My job is a poetry editor. Kaleidoscope to me stands for individuality of everyone. When looking into a kaleidoscope, the same image doesn’t appear the same to everyone.

Lyndsey Hawkins: Hi, my name is Lyndsey Hawkins and I am a junior at Ventura High. I am an editor for poetry in Banner Bold. Kaleidoscope to me means anyone can have different perspectives for the same situation.

Art & Photography Editors: 

Madison Secor: Hi! My name is Madison Secor and I am junior. My job in Banner Bold is to edit art and photography entries. To me, a kaleidoscope is seeing things differently, whether they be different opinions or a combination of colors and shapes. I find that things are different for everyone by looking at something through a different perspective.

Veronica Nila: Hello fellow humans! Once again, Veronica Nila is helping with Banner Bold for second year. Instead of poetry editor, like last year, now I am an art and photography editor. Cool, huh? I know great. Theme: Kaleidoscope. Write up on your different perspectives up online to submit on what you seen in life. Remember, if you say bad language or offend anyone on purpose, you’ll see me with white gloves.

Daniel Gacha: My name is Daniel Gacha, I’m a junior and an art & photography editor. Banner Bold is important to me because I feel creativity should be celebrated, especially among the youth. Everyone should have the chance to show off their work.

Ricardo Lara: Kaleidoscope means to me the perspective of many things. I’m a junior in Banner Bold and I like writing a lot because it’ a fun way to pass the time.

David Soria: Hello! I am David Soria, a senior. I am an art/photography editor, in other words, I judge your art and photography. To me, kaleidoscope refers to many different perspective son many certain subjects.

Foreign Language Editors: TO BE ANNOUNCED